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Chiropractic Care Market 2021: Vendors, Key Regions, Technological Advancements, Current and Future Opportunities

Energy News - 1 day ago
Chiropractic Care Market report analyses the market potential for each geographical region based on the growth rate, macroeconomic parameters, consumer buying patterns, and market demand and supply...

Global Electronic Medical Records Software Market Size 2018: Genesis Chiropractic Software & Billing, Greenway ...

Newszak (blog) - 7 hours ago
The report emphasizes on market dynamics which offers the study of electronic medical records software market drivers, restraints, opportunities, major trends, technology advancements, policy and...

Chiropractic Care Market 2021 Growing at 3.67% CAGR: Developments | Opportunities | Consumption | Technological ...

Tech Journal Hub (blog) - 1 week ago
Chiropractic Care Market report provides analysis on the opportunities offered in global markets for stakeholders to invest, a complete study of competitive landscape and product offerings of key...

HealthSource Launches New Brand Campaign - 1 day ago
... care and chiropractic franchise, treats pain throughout the entire body, sciatica, fibromyalgia and other common concerns, and also focuses on pain prevention and nutrition. The company...

Global Weight Loss Diet Market Study 2018- GE Healthcare, Nuemd, Greenway Medical Technologies, Genesis ...

Paris Ledger - 1 week ago
Numerous prominent companies are cited in the report GE Healthcare, Nuemd, Greenway Medical Technologies, Genesis Chiropractic Software & Billing, Practice Fusion, HealthFusion, Athenahealth,...

Nearly 3000 Participated in Branford Road Race, Including Race Founders - 7 days ago
Figlewski also introduced a workshop in conjunction with the Branford Road Race that detailed the latest medical advancements in the fight against Parkinson's Disease. More than 200 patients,...

Chiropractic Software Market: Industry Analysis, Geographical Segmentation, Drivers, Challenges, Trends Forecasts by ... - 21 hours ago
The Chiropractic Software Market Reports provides data on Chiropractic Software patterns and improvements, and target business sectors and materials, limits and advancements. The report broadly...

Kinesio Tape Market: Advancements, Key Players, Strategies to Boost Industry Growth 2023

Energy News - 3 days ago
Pharmacy & Drugstore, Sporting Goods Store, Hospital & Physiotherapy & Chiropractic, Online, Other,. Enquiry for Kinesio Tape Market Report at:...

Global Chiropractic Software Market Analysis Report 2018- AdvancedMD, MacPractice, Nuesoft Technologies, OfficeAlly

Cherry Grrl - 2 days ago
Reportsbuzz added a new latest industry research report that focuses on “Chiropractic Software market ” and provides in-depth Global Chiropractic Software market analysis and future prospects of...

Musculoskeletal Medicine Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2018 to 2026 - 7 hours ago
Treatment other than medication may include acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, structured rehabilitation programs and muscle stretching exercise. Musculoskeletal...

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Happiness is a Well-adjusted Horse, Chiropractors Say


HorseRandy Huenefeld placed his arms around Mr. T’s neck and pulled the horse’s head forward, behind his own. During a brief pause, during which Mr. T’s eyes bulged and rolled white in terror, Huenefeld pulled the horse’s neck sharply toward him.

Almost instantly, Mr. T, an 18-year-old paint horse, looked happier.

Animal chiropractic is a growing field for veterinarians. However, only six of the 600 members of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association work in Missouri. These animal chiropractors cite increased flexibility, relief from nerve interference, an easier range of motion and improvement in the overall health of the animal as benefits from treatment.

Barb Martin, the horse’s owner, calls the practice “Dr. Randy Hug.” Her horses have been Huenefeld’s patients for five years.

“They just love that,” Martin said as Mr. T took a deep breath and licked his lips.

Mr. T was among several patients waiting their turn at Pine Dell Farm in Pleasant Hill to see Huenefeld, a veterinarian who has received special training in veterinarian chiropractic. He performed equine chiropractic on seven horses that day, along with acupuncture and dental work, before moving on to his next appointment in Kansas.

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Chiropractors are Working on Newborns in the Metro


BabyWhen most people think of the chiropractor, they think of a sore back, growing up you maybe even heard its a doctor who adults go to.

That’s not the case anymore, chiropractors are working on newborns, as soon as an hour after being delivered.

Jason Ochsendorf/Jayden’s father: “He sleeps like a trooper right after we’re done.”

Baby Jayden has been a client of Dr. Jake Schmitz since he was 9 hours old.

Dr. Jake Schmitz/Freedom Chiropractic Health Clinic: “I was in the hospital and got Jayden adjusted so it was pretty amazing.”

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Too Young for the Chiropractor?

Can a chiropractor really help a child do better in school, or sleep through the night? A growing number of parents say “yes” and some are bringing babies as young as a day old to a chiropractor’s office. Dr. Heather Iannelli in Fort Wright, Ky., started having migraines when she was 5 years old but didn’t see a chiropractor until she was 20. That one visit changed her life and her career path.

“I’m not going to that freak, that’s what I said,” Dr. Iannelli admitted to saying after her mother, who happened to be cleaning a chiropractor’s office, pushed her into her first visit.

Now, though, Dr. Iannelli helps children like 10-year-old Jeremy Holland of Independence, Ky. Adopted at 2 years old, Jeremy started living with Patty Holland and her husband when he was 11 days old. Even as a newborn, Holland says she could tell Jeremy was in pain.

“He didn’t want to be touched. He didn’t want to be changed. At two months we were having these issues but it took me until six months to get him here,” Holland said.

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